About Us

Your Preferred Partner of Choice – WHY?

  • Speed

We will speed you to the next milestone, while avoiding bumps in the road. Because the faster you reach each milestone, the faster your compound can be advanced to the next stage

  • Quality

We are passionate about what we do and want our name to stand for Excellence. We are determined to be an example that industry aspires to follow

  • Customer Focus

We build long lasting, collaborate relationships with our customers and work with them as thought partners

  • Disciplined Timelines

We value the importance of time and adhere to our commitments

Our Focus

We bring people and knowledge together for a better world.

Stats – IT Solutions is one of the largest Staffing service working in four major countries (U.S, India). We have partnered many of the top Generic pharmaceutical companies across the globe. With our extensive therapeutic, scientific and analytical expertise, we have helped our customers navigate an increasingly complex healthcare environment.

We collaborate with our clients to address their clinical development needs using our expertise and help our customers optimize the value of their drug development. Stats – IT Solutions success begins and ends with our customer satisfaction and we always try to build the right customer relationship to deliver maximum value.